Mens Undersear

Our rich culture of culture has shaped the social norms of our society, norms that we sometimes feel at the outset of Iranian civilization and neglect as a divine anomaly. Apparel, one of the most prominent examples of the expression of culture and belief, has been incorporated into the norms of our lives, making us pay close attention to the use of appropriate clothing in Iranian society and culture, and always raise this issue as a concern.
At Patan Baft, we focused our efforts on producing products that fit the needs of the community and ideally tailored to the needs of the product; the products produced and the consumers' acceptance of the products illustrate that we are on the right track and that our efforts have failed. This is a strong support for more and more quality production to meet the needs of consumers. Patton Buffet has always strived to enhance the products it offers in the men's apparel field and to think of new products to offer a wider product range.

Ring Underwear

Ring sleeve underwear produced in Patan Baft in triple color variation

    Kheshti Underwear

    Patan Baft kheshti underwear with new design for special taste

      Vest Underwear

      Vest underwear Patan Baft with classic design for Iranian taste

        Half sleeve underwear

        Half sleeved Patan Baft liners to prevent excessive sweating with appropriate fibers

          پاتن بافت

          Patan Baft

          Patton Buffet is a men's and women's apparel manufacturer with a long history of producing and supplying to the public. Visit our site for more information and stay in touch with us.


          پاتن بافت

          پاتن بافت

          پاتن بافت تولید کننده پوشاک آقایان و بانوان می‌باشد که با سابقه‌ای طولانی در تولید و عرضه در دسترس عموم مردم می‌باشد. برای کسب اطلاعات بیشتر محصولات سایت را مشاهده و با ما در ارتباط باشید.