Mens Underpants

Of course, among all types of men's underwear, men's shorts are a product that is very important for the quality of the yarn and, of course, the hygiene of the production process as well as the lack of proper hygiene in the provision of this part of the men's underwear directly. It will affect the health of people in the community.
It is with this approach and mindset that Patan Baft has attempted to produce fully hygienic men's shorts in a state-of-the-art hygienic process. The use of bamboo fibers to produce men's shorts to make them more compatible with the human body and less harmful to the environment is on the agenda of the Patten Tissue Collection so that the Tissue Patten can satisfy consumers' health.
In addition to preserving the diversity of design and coloring of men's shorts, Patan Baft today strives to meet the needs of the consumer market by delivering the best appearance along with the best quality.

Microfiber Underpants

Antique fiber Patan Baft shorts with one-handed, stylish, anti-allergic appearance

    Bamboo Underpants

    Padded shorts and patterned shorts made of bamboo fibers to reduce body sweating

      Simple Cotton Underpants

      Classic Patan Baft cotton shorts with classic design and cotton fibers

        Printed Cotton Underpants

        Patan Baft cotton shorts with a distinctive pattern and soft and fine fibers

          Microfiber Sleep Underwear

          Anti allergy Patan Baft microphone slip shorts with stylish design

            Bamboo Sleep Underpants

            Bamboo sleep on shorts and a variety of designs for everyone

              Simple Cotton Sleep Underpants

              Patan Baft cotton sleep shorts with a simple lace for classic covers

                Printed Cotton Sleep Underpants

                Printed sleep shorts with a unique Patan Baft of cotton

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                  Patan Baft

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